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Humiliation | Discipline | Role Play| Worship

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skype sessions begin at £3.29/min

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 I am not like your average Mistress. I do not put on a fake persona to create a fantasy woman that ticks every cliché in the book. I am 100% dominant in my everyday life and everything I do which makes it all the more fun when I have you at my knees begging for mercy.


I am 5'7" (170cm), size 14-16, shoulder length red/brown haired, hourglass shape with legs that could smother you in a second. I have been known to make men cry as I whisper into their ear while they are lying blindfolded at my feet with a total loss of control.


I do not wear cheap costumes, I wear designer dresses and expensive lingerie (take note financial subs) and whatever beautiful eye-catching jewellery I feel like. I have a background in fashion and it is still very much a big part of my life so I wouldn't be caught dead doing anything without looking my absolute best.


I do not take kindly to people pretending to be submissive, you must know your true place at my feet. You are not equal to me, you are not to tell me what to do and if I see you trying to take control I will knock you down and punish you harder.


über mich

Je ne suis pas une maîtresse moyenne. Je ne mets pas un personnage factice pour créer une femme fantastique qui répète tous les clichés du livre. Je suis dominant à 100% dans ma vie quotidienne et dans tout ce que je fais, ce qui le rend d'autant plus amusant lorsque je te mets à genoux pour implorer la pitié.


Je mesure 170 cm, taille 16, cheveux aux épaules rouge / brun, en forme de sablier avec des jambes qui pourraient vous étouffer en une seconde. On sait que les hommes pleurent alors que je leur murmure à l'oreille pendant qu'ils sont couchés  avec les yeux bandés à mes pieds et une perte totale de contrôle.


Je ne porte pas de costumes bon marché, je porte des robes de créateurs et de la lingerie coûteuse (prenez note mes esclaves financiers!) et tous les beaux bijoux qui me plaisent. J'ai une formation en mode et c'est toujours une grande partie de ma vie, donc je ne serais pas pris au dépourvu en train de faire quoi que ce soit sans regarder de mon mieux.


Je ne prends pas gentiment ceux qui prétendent être soumis, vous devez connaître votre vraie place à mes pieds. Vous n'êtes pas égal à moi, vous ne devez pas me dire quoi faire et si je vous vois essayer de prendre le contrôle, je vais vous assommer et vous punir plus durement.

Ich bin nicht wie deine durchschnittliche Herrin. Ich ziehe keine falsche Persönlichkeit an, um eine Fantasy-Frau zu erschaffen, die jedes Klischee im Buch ankreuzt. Ich bin 100% dominant in meinem Alltag und alles was ich tue, macht es umso mehr Spaß, wenn ich dich an deinen Knienen habe und um Gnade bitte.


Ich bin 170 cm, Größe 14-16, schulterlang, rot / braunhaarig, Sanduhrform mit Beinen, die Sie in einer Sekunde ersticken könnten. Es ist bekannt, dass ich Männer zum Weinen bringe, wenn ich ihnen ins Ohr flüstere, während sie mit verbundenen Augen vor meinen Füßen liegen und die Kontrolle verlieren.


Ich trage keine billigen Kostüme, ich trage Designerkleider und teure Dessous (beachten Sie die finanziellen Subventionen) und jeden schönen, auffälligen Schmuck, den ich mag. Ich habe einen Hintergrund in Mode und es ist immer noch ein großer Teil meines Lebens, so dass ich nicht tot erwischt werden würde, wenn ich nichts täte, ohne mein Bestes zu geben.


Ich bin nicht freundlich zu Leuten, die vorgeben, unterwürfig zu sein. Sie müssen Ihren wahren Platz zu meinen Füßen kennen. Du bist mir nicht gewachsen, du sollst mir nicht sagen, was ich tun soll, und wenn ich sehe, dass du versuchst, die Kontrolle zu übernehmen, werde ich dich niederschlagen und härter bestrafen.



I am naturally dominant and sadistic and I will never let you forget that I am above you. As I am tying you up or stepping on you with my high heels, I will do it with a smile and watch the fear set in. 


I take sessions very seriously and tailor each one specific to the requests made; we will discuss what you would like to do in the sessions, what your limitations are (no permanent marks, physical disabilities, etc...) and if there is anything you are curious about. 


You will be pushed to your limits and there is no going back. 


Adult Babies


Ball Busting


Bondage (Shibari)




Cock and Ball Torture

Corporal Punishment

Cross Dressing



Doggy Training

Domestic Servitude

Face Sitting/Queening (clothed)


Foot/Shoe/Boot Worship

Forced Bi



Hand Worship

Forced Feminisation/Slut Training/Sissyfication/TV transformation

Hair cutting/shaving

Hot Wax

Human Furniture


Ice Torture





Maid Training


Medical Fantasy


Nipple Torture 

Objectification ( Human ashtray/furniture play)


Public Humilation


Role Play (Kidnapping, Mother/Child, Teacher/student, Workplace, Doctor, etc...)



Sensory Deprevation

Slave Training

Smoking Fetish




Tying and Teasing


Verbal Domination

Water Sports

Wax Play




If there is anything that hasn't been mentioned (is that even possible?) please ask and I will let you know if it can be done.


I am naturally dominant and sadistic and I will never let you forget that I am above you. As I am tying you up or stepping on you with my high heels, I will do it with a smile and watch the fear set in. 


I take sessions very seriously and tailor each one specific to the requests made; we will discuss what you would like to do in the sessions, what your limitations are (no permanent marks, physical disabilities, etc...) and if there is anything you are curious about. 


You will be pushed to your limits and there is no going back. 


Adult Babies (Bébés Adultes/ Erwachsene Babys)

Ball Busting (Dommages Testiculaires/ Hodenschaden)

Blackmail (Chantage/ Erpressung)

Bondage (Shibari) (Bandage/ Knechtschaft)

Breath-Control (Contrôle de la respiration/ Atemkontrolle)

Caning (La bastonade/ Prügelstrafe)

Chastity (La Chasteté/ Keuschheit)


CBT (Torture coq et balle/ Schwanz und Eierfolter)

Corporal Punishment (Châtiments corporels/ Körperliche Bestrafung)

Cross Dressing (Travestis/ Transvestit)

Cuffs (Menottes/ Manschetten)

Degredation (Dégradation/ Erniedrigung)

Doggy Training (Entraînment de chiens/ Hundetraining)

Domestic Servitude (Servitude Domestique/ Häusliche Knechtschaft)

Face Sitting/Queening (clothed) (vêtu)

Financial Domination (FinDom) (Domination Financière/ Finanzielle Dominanz)

Flogging (Flagellation/ Auspeitschen)

Foot/Shoe/Boot Worship (Culte de Pieds/Chaussures/Bottes) (Fuß-/Schuh-/Stiefelanbetung)

Forced Bi (Bisexuelle Forcé, Erzwungene Bisexualität)

Forced Feminisation/Sissyfication/TV transformation 

Gags (Gags/ Knebel)

Gloves (Gants/ Handschuhe)

Hand Worship (Culte de Mains/ Handanbetung)

Hair cutting/shaving (Coupe/Rasage de Cheveux/ Haarschneiden/ Rasieren)

Hot Wax (Cire Chaude, Heißes Wachs)

Human Furniture (Meubles Humains/ Menschliche Möbel)

Humiliation (Humiliation/ Demütigung)

Ice Torture (Torture de Glace/ Eisfolter)

Ignoring (Ignoré/ Ignorieren)

Insertions (Insertion/ Einfügungen)

Interrogation (Interrogatoire/ Befragung) 


Leather (Cuire/ Leder)

Maid Training (Femme de ménage/ Magd Ausbildung)

Masks (Masques/ Masken)

Medical Fantasy (Médical/ Medizin)

Mummification (Momification/ Mumifizierung)

Objectification ( Human ashtray/human furniture) (Objektivierung)

Paddling (Pagaie, Paddeln)

Public Humilation (Humiliation Publique/


Role Play (Kidnapping, Mother/Child, Teacher/student, Workplace, Doctor, etc...) Jeu de rôle (Mère/enfant, Enseignant/Étudiant, Lieu de Travail, Médecin, etc..) / Rollenspiele (Mutter/Kind, Lehrer/Schüler, Arbeitsplatz, Arzt, etc...)

Sadism (Sadisme/ Sadismus)

Scratching (Grattage/ Kratzen)

Sensory Deprevation (Privation Sensorielle/ Sinnesentzug)

Slave Training (Entraînement des Esclaves, Sklaventraining)

Smoking Fetish (Fétichisme de Fumée/ Rauchfetisch)

Spanking (Fessée/ Prügeln)

Sploshing (Jeu de nourriture, Essenspiele)

Tickling (Chatouillement/ Kitzeln)

Tying and Teasing (Ligotage et Taquineries/ Binden und Necken)

Trampling (Piétinement/ Trampling)

Verbal Domination (Domination Verbale/ Verbale Dominanz)

W/s (Sports "nautiques" /Wasserspiel)

Wax Play (Jeu de cire/ Wachsspiel)

Whipping (Fouet/ Peitschen)

Wrestling (Lutte/ Wrestling)


If there is anything that hasn't been mentioned (is that even possible?) please ask and I will let you know if it can be done.


Sessions can be booked 7 days a week via phone (9am-11pm) or e-mail and I will do my best to acommodate you and any time restraints. 


A deposit is required for all session bookings. 

Once the deposit is received (see FAQ for payment options), you will receive a confirmation e-mail along with the necessary information for the session. 


Les sessions peuvent être réservées 7 jours par semaine téléphone (9h00 à 23h00) ou par courrier électronique. Je ferai de mon mieux pour vous accommoder et pour respecter les contraintes de temps.

Un dépôt est requis pour toutes les réservations de session.

Une fois le dépôt reçu (voir FAQ pour les options de paiement), vous recevrez un e-mail de confirmation avec les informations nécessaires pour la session.


Die Sitzungen können 7 Tage die Woche telefonisch (9.00 - 23.00 Uhr) oder per E-Mail gebucht werden. Ich werde mein Bestes tun, um Sie und zeitliche Einschränkungen unterzubringen.


Für alle Sitzungsbuchungen ist eine Anzahlung erforderlich.

Sobald die Anzahlung eingegangen ist (siehe FAQ für Zahlungsoptionen), erhalten Sie eine Bestätigungs-E-Mail mit den notwendigen Informationen für die Sitzung.




How do I book a session with you?

You can either fill out the form at the bottom of the page or click the "Book a session" link at the top that will take you to my Adultwork page. Don't just send a "Hey, can I cum over n u can spank me", please at least provide the following: Your name, location, list of services you'd like to have happen, length of session, a photo of yourself and your phone number. If you are rude, disrespectful or I do not think you are capable of truly submitting to me, you will not receive a reply. 


May I have sex with you during a sessions?

NO, under no circumstances are you allowed to even try.

This includes oral sex , as some of you seem to have a difficult time grasping the fact that sitting on someones face naked or getting a hand/blow job is still considered sex. It will not happen. If you're looking for that there are plenty of other people who I'm sure would love to provide you with that service but I am not an escort and will not under any circumstances (or however much money you try and throw at me) will provide any sexual services. 

Is the deposit negotiable?

No, the deposit is non-negotiable. It is mandatory that you provide a deposit tp secure your session because I put a lot of time and effort into each session and the preparation for it. While I understand  that sometimes life happens and sessions need to be re-scheduled, I will not tolerate someone booking a session and not showing up without notice or reason. 


Where are you located?

I session in a space on the border of Camden and Islington.


Do you do Out-Calls?

Yes, however you will have to cover all transportation fees. If it is more than 1 hour outside of London each way, you will have to pay an additional £100 to cover loss of time while travelling. 

Do you do public humiliation or cash point meets?

Yes I do. They are booked the same way sessions are. Public sessions have the same hourly tribute as a private sessions and cash point meets are a minimum of £100.

Do you travel for sessions?

Yes, I will travel anywhere in Europe (one weeks notice) and the UK. If within London, I need at least 12 hours notice and if outside London at least 48 hours. All travel expenses must be covered.


I am new to the world of BDSM and serving, will you still see me?

Of course, I enjoy sessions with first timers because it's exciting seeing someone discover their likes and dislikes. There's a certain wide-eyed sense of adventure and curiosity to try everything that I like being a part of. 


Do I have to prepare anything for our session?

First and foremost, I expect you to be clean (freshly bathed, well groomed, no dirty clothing) as I'm not going to touch you if you smell like week old bins. If there are any special requirements or personal equipment/outfits you would like used then I expect you to bring those. 


Do you do sessions with couples?

Yes, please e-mail or text me for special fees and other requests.


I see you are extremely sadistic, can you punish me so hard that I bleed/it leaves permanent scaring?

Are you sure this is something you really want to do? Why do you want to do it? I will not do anything considered "extreme" without you signing a full legal waiver detailing that this is fully voluntary and you are forgoeing your rights to any compensation or legal action should anything happen.

Aside from that I will gladly destroy you in every way I can. I don't care if you're at my knees begging me to stop with tears down your face and blood dripping down you, I will continue until I see fit.







All bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance and bookings will only be finalised when the 50% deposit is received and confirmed.


  • 1 hour - £200

  • 1.5 hours - £300

  • 2 hours - £400

  • 2.5 hours - £500

  • 3 hours - £600


Please ask for any sessions beyond 3 hours.


  • Dinner dates are £200 for a 2 hour dinner. 

  • Shopping trips are a minimum spend of £175 and financial domination is a tribute of minimum £50 by gift card or Paypal.

  • Full day or overnight sessions begin at £1500.

  • Key holding is £50 a week, the final unlocking ceremony will involve an hour domination session at £175. Under NO circumstances are you to remove your chastity unless it's an emergency. You will be regularly sent instructions that you are expected to follow and honour me. 

  • Training couples and double domme sessions are £275 an hour.


All prices can be modified to suit a specific session or request. If you don't ask you won't know.



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(Please note I will not pick up the phone to anyone calling from a blocked number)

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