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One exciting feature of my new playspace is that has been designed to seamlessly integrate the ability to film a session with perfect lighting with the press of a button (or a few buttons...hello multi-cam footage!) so that you can remember our time together over and over again. 

Whether you were hypnotised and intoxed into oblivion and you get off on watching yourself getting fucked by a sexy latex clad Mistress or you are a sentimental asshole who just wants to remember the moment, I can film our session so that it does not impede on the intensity and fun of the experience and send you the video afterwards.

All videos are filmed in 1080p as the files will already be quite large due to the length of the videos but the option for 4k is also available if your computer can handle such large files (60gb+).


Another highly requested option has been private photo shoots of our session or your feminisation makeover! What is the point of getting all dolled up from head-to-toe if you can't remember what a hot bitch you looked like? If a sissy falls in the woods and no one is around did they ever really get ​a makeover!?

After your makeover (and before your make-up gets ruined with spit and cum, of course) we will do a 30min photo shoot to immortalise your overwhelming beauty.


Camera: Sony A6700

Lenses: Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8, Sony 10-18mm f4 (for those ultra-wide angle shots)

​Lights: Fully integrated colour LED lighting, 50mm ring light, 2x LED stick lights, 2x large soft box lights,1.5m  fluorescent stick light

Microphone: Hollyland Lark M2 (dual bluetooth lapel microphones)


As these recordings are effectively a custom clip for your eyes only, they will be priced as such. Should you choose to allow the content to be released online (oooo hot is that!?) a discount will be given as you will still have the full copies of the content, only bits and pieces may be uploaded.

Whether or not the content is private or to be shared publicly, all subs must sign a model release form acknowledging the terms and conditions due to the nature of the videos. 

If you have not requested for the clips to be put online, under no circumstances will they ever be released. Privacy and discretion is of the utmost priority and even when sending you the files they will be password protected .ZIP files with encryption to ensure there is absolutely no way for anyone to access it but you.



1 hour - £250 private/ £125 public 

2 hours - £450 private/ £215 public

3 hours - £600 private/ £300 public


30 mins - £100

1 hour - £150


Thanks for submitting!

(Please be respectful and only call between 10am and 9pm)
+44 (0)7507 368 530

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