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Slave hanging from the ceiling while he is wearing a gimp mask and a candle is dripping onto his body because it is affixed to his head


My playspace is located in a domestic setting in Archway, North London. Over the years I have discovered that it is much more realistic and beneficial to be in a fully-equipped domestic setting instead of a dungeon space as it not only adds a very exciting element of realism to our play but also calms the nerves of first time subs. 

Imagine that you meet a sexy woman in a bar and she takes you home at the end of the night. You walk inside her flat and sit in her living room, your senses tingling with an ominous feeling that this was no ordinary space. As your eyes scan the room, I sense a dark history lurking in the shadows. The air seems to carry whispers of torment, a chilling reminder of the men who had suffered within these walls. The room's allure is hypnotic, drawing me in even as fear creeps through your veins. Curiosity battled with apprehension, a swirling mix of emotions as you grapple with the enigmatic aura that surrounds you, hinting at a future as unsettling as its past.


  • Suspension Point 

  • Sex/Torture Swing

  • Bondage/Medical Bench

  • Spanking Bench

  • Full Audio/Visual Hypnosis Station

  • Fully-Equipped Forced Intox Station

  • Full Sissy Makeover Station (Make-Up, Clothes, Wigs & Prosthetics)

  • VAC Bed

  • E-Stim Machine (Electrical Play)

  • F-Machine Tremblr Milking Machine

  • Fucking -Machine (Anal Fucking Machine)

Along with the aforementioned equipment, I have a wide range of dildos, anal toys (prostate milking, stretching, fisting, etc...)nipple toys, crops, floggers, canes, CBT devices (humbler, ball crusher, parachute, etc...), gags, gas masks, latex hoods, sensory deprivation and mummification devices, chastity cages (I can 3D print custom cages too!), TENS machine, violet wand, medical play (needles, catheters, piercings, tattoos, speculums, nitrous, etc...), full sissy wardrobe (clothes, shoes, wigs, make-up, eyelashes/nails, etc...), vibrators and more!

If there is something you're interested that isn't listed, feel free to message me and see if I have it as I am always updating my playspace!

Thanks for submitting!

(Please be respectful and only call between 10am and 9pm)
+44 (0)7507 368 530

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