I can make a man crumble beneath me with just a look, turning them into puddle of nothingness ready to submit to me. My voice will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention, just like your cock, as I whisper into your ear. I am and always have been truly dominant in my life, this is not an act, this is who I am and I will never let you forget that I am above you. 

Whether you seek a strict Mistress, a caring mummy or sadistic nurse in PVC, I will make your fantasy a reality with my perfect blend of sexy and stern.​ It doesn't matter if you're completely new to the world of kink or you're a seasoned sub desperate to taste every naughty activity in my list below, I tailor each and every session to the specific requests and needs of everyone who messages me because no two people are alike! I love nothing more than looking into a subs eyes as I blow their mind into oblivion while knowing exactly what makes them tick. Do you want to explore your deepest darkest most fucked-up fantasy with me or do you simply want to lay in my arms and be told you're a good boy? Why not both!?

Are you getting excited now? I sure am!

Don't be afraid! I may be able to destroy you in a second but I am also very caring to my subs...and a little cheeky too! I enjoy having a good laugh in sessions and building that unbreakable bond between a Mistress and her sub. I will always be there for you just as I expect you to be there for your Queen. Submission goes far deeper than just a good time, it is a total power exchange and the foundation to long-lasting relationship of emotional and physical pleasure.  

You will be pushed to your limits and there is no going back. 


Adult Babies (Bébés Adultes/ Erwachsene Babys)

Ball Busting (Dommages Testiculaires/ Hodenschaden)

Blackmail (Chantage/ Erpressung)

Bondage (Shibari) (Bandage/ Knechtschaft)

Breath-Control (Contrôle de la respiration/ Atemkontrolle)

Caning (La bastonade/ Prügelstrafe)

Chastity (La Chasteté/ Keuschheit)


CBT (Torture coq et balle/ Schwanz und Eierfolter)

Corporal Punishment (Châtiments corporels/ Körperliche Bestrafung)

Cross Dressing (Travestis/ Transvestit)

Cuffs (Menottes/ Manschetten)

Degredation (Dégradation/ Erniedrigung)

Doggy Training (Entraînment de chiens/ Hundetraining)

Domestic Servitude (Servitude Domestique/ Häusliche Knechtschaft)

Face Sitting/Queening (clothed) (vêtu)

Financial Domination (FinDom) (Domination Financière/ Finanzielle Dominanz)

Flogging (Flagellation/ Auspeitschen)

Foot/Shoe/Boot Worship (Culte de Pieds/Chaussures/Bottes) (Fuß-/Schuh-/Stiefelanbetung)

Forced Bi (Bisexuelle Forcé, Erzwungene Bisexualität)

Forced Feminisation/Sissyfication/TV transformation 

Gags (Gags/ Knebel)

Gloves (Gants/ Handschuhe)

Hand Worship (Culte de Mains/ Handanbetung)

Hair cutting/shaving (Coupe/Rasage de Cheveux/ Haarschneiden/ Rasieren)

Hot Wax (Cire Chaude, Heißes Wachs)

Human Furniture (Meubles Humains/ Menschliche Möbel)

Humiliation (Humiliation/ Demütigung)

Ice Torture (Torture de Glace/ Eisfolter)

Ignoring (Ignoré/ Ignorieren)

Insertions (Insertion/ Einfügungen)

Interrogation (Interrogatoire/ Befragung) 


Leather (Cuire/ Leder)

Maid Training (Femme de ménage/ Magd Ausbildung)

Masks (Masques/ Masken)

Medical Fantasy (Médical/ Medizin)

Mummification (Momification/ Mumifizierung)

Objectification ( Human ashtray/human furniture) (Objektivierung)

Paddling (Pagaie, Paddeln)

Public Humilation (Humiliation Publique/ Öffentlich Demütigung)


Role Play (Kidnapping, Mother/Child, Teacher/student, Workplace, Doctor, etc...) Jeu de rôle (Mère/enfant, Enseignant/Étudiant, Lieu de Travail, Médecin, etc..) / Rollenspiele (Mutter/Kind, Lehrer/Schüler, Arbeitsplatz, Arzt, etc...)

Sadism (Sadisme/ Sadismus)

Scratching (Grattage/ Kratzen)

Sensory Deprevation (Privation Sensorielle/ Sinnesentzug)

Slave Training (Entraînement des Esclaves, Sklaventraining)

Smoking Fetish (Fétichisme de Fumée/ Rauchfetisch)

Spanking (Fessée/ Prügeln)

Sploshing (Jeu de nourriture, Essenspiele)

Tickling (Chatouillement/ Kitzeln)

Tying and Teasing (Ligotage et Taquineries/ Binden und Necken)

Trampling (Piétinement/ Trampling)

Verbal Domination (Domination Verbale/ Verbale Dominanz)

W/S (Sports "nautiques" /Wasserspiel)

Wax Play (Jeu de cire/ Wachsspiel)

Whipping (Fouet/ Peitschen)

Wrestling (Lutte/ Wrestling)




I'm sure you can imagine that a woman such as myself is extremely busy so that means I expect respect right from the get-go. 

If you wish to book a session with me you can send me an e-mail through the contact form below or call/text me at +44 (0)7507 368 530 between the hours of 10am and 9pm. 

All sessions are booked a minimum of 24 hours in advance to ensure sufficient time to prepare and to all health and safety protocols are kept. Due to COVID-19, I am limiting the amount of real-time sessions I do in order to keep everything disinfected/sanitised to the highest degree for both your health and mine.

A deposit is required for all bookings. It does not matter if I've known you for five years or five minutes, the requirements are the same for everyone. My time is valuable and I only entertain those who are truly serious. 

Once the deposit is received I will confirm your booking and send you a questionnaire for you to fill out should this be our first meet. I cannot wait to meet and take you on this exciting journey...

Thanks for submitting!

(Please be respectful and only call between 10am and 9pm)
+44 (0)7507 368 530