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It is preferable that all bookings are made at least 24 hours in advance due to my busy schedule however occasionally I do have same day bookings available so it is best to call/text before 12pm. Bookings will only be finalised when the 50% deposit is received and confirmed. If you have any questions please refer to the SESSIONS page or FAQs.


The first hour is £300 and every hour after is £250. My prices are non-negotiable, however if you have a specific budget or financial restrictions I would be happy to try and work with you as I believe kink should be accessible for everyone.

  • 1 hour - £300

  • 1.5 hours - £450

  • 2 hours - £550

  • 2.5 hours - £700

  • 3 hours - £800

  • 4 hours - £1000

  • Full-Day/Overnight - starts at £2000

  • Lunch/Dinner session - £350

  • Newbie session for absolute beginners (1.5 hours) - £400

 (If this is your first time seeing a Mistress and you don't really know what you like! This is a basic teaser session where we can discuss things you're interested in and I can open your eyes to a variety of different kinky activities! There's no going back to your boring vanilla life after this!)

  • Milking machine 30 min special - £175

If requesting a session longer than 4 hours please include in the booking.

Any session can be filmed if requested for an additional charge of £100. You own the video and can re-watch to your hearts content!


  • Public humiliation/outdoor sessions are the same price as in-call sessions however you will need to cover my transportation. A Mistress never takes the tube.

  • Shopping trips are not priced by the hour, instead a minimum spend is required of £200 and a deposit of £50.

  • Financial Domination/Cashpoint Meets are a minimum spend of £150 and a deposit of £50.

  • Key holding is £50 a week, the final unlocking ceremony will involve an hour domination session at £175. Under NO circumstances are you to remove your chastity unless it's an emergency. You will be regularly sent instructions that you are expected to follow and honour me. 


All prices can be modified to suit a specific session or request. If you don't ask you won't know.


Don't be sad if you can't come to London to serve your Queen or haven't quite mustered up the courage to meet face-to-face, I am online as well!


I offer the same services as I do for real-time sessions with subs all over the world. 

Video Session (FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype)

  • 15 mins - £50

  • 30 mins - £95

  • 45 mins - £130

  • 60 mins - £175

Phone Session (Voice-only over telephone)

  • 10 mins - £25

  • 15 mins - £30

  • 20 mins - £50

  • 30 mins - £75

  • 45 mins - £100

  • 60 mins - £125

Payment is accepted via bank transfer or the other payment methods on the main page.

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